The Rationality of Revolt

The Yakuza originally derived their name from the three Japanese numbers, 8, 9, and 3. This sequence of numbers was the worst hand you could be dealt in a Japanese card game. It was deemed the useless combination. Fated to be useless, any citizen will turn to crime and revolt, as the Yakuza did, celebrating their position in society. Sociologically speaking, the radical nature of being made useless, oppressed, or alienated in the modern world leads directly to criminality and revolution.
The heart of Marxism is the Hegelian recognition that the rebellion of oppressed groups is inevitable, and more importantly, rational. If one does not change the oil in one’s car engine, the car engine will end up failing. If a society does not take care of its people, does not give them what they truly need, then a revolution is inevitable. Once an individual feels they have nothing to live for, they realize they have nothing to lose, and become revolutionaries. A society is only successful to the degree that it can guarantee human flourishing. All other metrics are superfluous. An economy can produce infinite value, but if that value does not serve human existence, that economy has failed.
In the coming years, humanity will become increasingly aware of the effects of the greatest crime against humanity every committed. Global warming threatens the lives of billions, not only through its direct effects, but also through the chaos that will ensue as more and more coastal regions are evacuated and humans forced to relocate. This issue strikes at the very center of our primal need to survive, and when backed into a corner, forced into a life or death scenario, chaos and violence inevitably ensue. The guilty parties are first world, industrialized nations, and leading those nations are a few extremely powerful, extremely wealthy, and extremely selfish individuals with enormous power.
While the doomsday alarmist nature of these facts are oppressive, the truths about human existence that they reveal are enlightening. Capitalist, industrialized society has built its entire identity on an inherently oppressive and unsustainable relationship between humanity and nature. Humanity’s power over nature has yet to be truly accepted, and since it has yet to be accepted, humanity lives inauthentically in its environment, committed to a dream-like death drive coated in rhetoric and willful ignorance. We pretend we are just children playing in an unbreakable sandbox, when in fact the sandbox must be sustained and cared for in order for our existence to continue. The chaos of the modern world is a direct result of humanity’s refusal to accept the enormous amount of responsibility that accompanies the enormous power granted to us by science and industrialism. Until this collective responsibility is learned and accepted, things will only get worse and worse.

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