A father hands his sons the reigns to the ship; smiling, happy, complete with love for his son. The son trusts his father deeply and senses the profound authenticity of his love. He happily accepts the responsibility given to him. He then turns and notices that his ship is heading straight towards a black hole at near light speed. In fact, it seems to be far too late to do anything about it. The ship is all but doomed.
The son is completely at odds with what to do. On the one hand, he can resign completely to the fate of the situation and give in to the inevitability of the ship’s demise. There is no use trying to steer the ship away, because that would cause more anguish and suffering. Everyone should just isolate their region of concern to the immediate present and live in love for whatever time there is left, fall completely into the black hole and gamble our lives away. That sounds great! However, this would be irresponsible. Because the son cannot know for sure that there is not a way to steer the ship away from the iceberg, yet to be discovered. The ship had been upgraded over the years and is more advanced than ever. The potential is infinite. Scientists have been working tirelessly researching light speed travel and, if successful, they could save us. But the crew have all become resigned to the black-hole’s gravity. They have all given up. They do nothing but plug their minds into endless entertainment, vegetating like husks. They would need to be awaken, educated, and put to work: real work!
Regardless, the work required—the exhaustion, the turmoil, the suffering, to prepare to alter the ships path. All of this would be grueling, fixing a trajectory long written in stone and accepted as inevitable. Why bother? Better to just accept death and die, or just start preaching about the heaven on the other side of that black hole. I am wealthy enough. I can live quite comfortable for the rest of my life, never have a single worry. Plug in. Yes, yes. That is what I will do.

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