How to End World Hunger

A female persona on the screen ironically cheers the following on the nightly news:

“I am happy to announce that over the course of the last few weeks the level of food poverty in the world has declined from 10.7% to exactly 0%! The work undergone by the Annihilate Hunger campaign is nothing short of miraculous. Professional ethicists world-wide agree that humanity has taken a giant leap forward in its moral standing. To discuss this progress, we have here with us in the studio—the very individual who must suffer unending torment for the next 10,000 years in order for this progress to be made…”

A short, scruffy, miserable looking young man with bad posture redundantly leans over his computer screen pondering what he has just heard. “It’s amazing!” he cheers. You see, he recently programmed some software that could construct simulations of philosophical thought experiments in order to more completely immerse the individual in the reality of the situation. No longer will philosophers struggle with the lack of seriousness contained in their thought experiments! Now you can actually BE that person on the train tracks being sacrificed for the sake of five strangers! Imagine the possibilities! VR is getting big and this will work perfectly with it.

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