Daily Philosophy Practice

It’s important for every practitioner of philosophy to get into the habit of doing the following in their mind:

1. Gather opposing arguments together like house guests into a cozy room, with a nice view.
2. Sit them down at a knee-high ‘chabudai,’ and pour out a couple cups of Earl Grey tea, or coffee, if preferred.
3. Follow the lines of arguments between each like a detached and objective, third party-observer and see which view is superior. Try and eliminate all bias, if possible.
4. If you come to a conclusion, dismiss the vanquished foe and invite in whatever view best contends the accepted conclusion.
5. Repeat this process forever.

This, I think, is what can rightfully be considered the heart of “dialectic,” or “Western Philosophical Practice.”

*Side-effects of the pharmakon, dialectical philosophy, include identity dysphoria, existential nausea, delusions of grandeur, Utopian aspirations, and an increase in general angst. Consume critically.

1 Comment

  1. Very Great post! I love your analogy of philosophical arguments being house guests. It forces you to treat each argument with the respect that they deserve. Unfortunately, I don’t think bias can be eliminated. It’s with us all the time, and I think that from bias different philosophical arguments arise in the first place.


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